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This handmade Charcoal Soap is perfect for those with oily skin, as the activated charcoal helps to draw out impurities and excess oils. It is a natural exfoliant that gently polishes and detoxifies the skin, leaving it feeling clean and invigorated. It is also great for reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes. This soap is a must-have for those with oily skin looking for a natural and effective way to cleanse and balance their skin.


It also helps to balance oil production, making it perfect for those with oily skin types. Our Charcoal Soap is handmade with natural ingredients, and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Charcoal Soap

SKU: 0142
  • Water, sodium hidroxyde, coconut oil, olive oil, mango butter, shea butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, activated charcoal powder, passion fruit fragrance.

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