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Candle in Hands


Nothing like nature to give you what you need for your own healing and care.


I am Ana, lovingly nicknamed by my late father as "Kawabi" that means beautiful in one of the many Angolan dialects, Kimbundu.

Having always loved all things rustic and natural, I fell in love with the art of soapmaking, be able to choose myself each ingredient needed for a good soap for my family and household.

This is how this adventure started, studying and researching all I could about soapmaking, how to start from scratch till the final product. After filling my house with so many soaps, that's when the idea came to open this online store, be able to still create all things soap for my house and still sell to whoever felt the need to dive in the handmade beauty products as well and with the help of my Two children, my son and my daughter, this dream became reality.

This is Kawabi Wellness story and I welcome you to my eco-friendly, handmade beauty products world.

Herb Infused Oils
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