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About Kawabi Wellness

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

Before I start, let me explain the name of my store. Kawabi means "beautiful" in Kimbundu, a dialect in my country Angola. It was the affectionate way my late dad called me and when the time came to choose a name for the store, this was a way for me to honor him because I know he would be my biggest supportive fan.

So for this reason, why not call all my customers of Kawabis, because you are all beautiful and I want to say THANK YOU for supporting my dream.

So now, let me introduce you who am I:

I am Ana, an angolan woman who lives in Portugal for the past 13 years, I am passionate for artisan soap, mainly the most rustic look ones. I just love how beautiful it is the art to create soap from scratch, something that will feed your skin and make you feel so good in the long run AND look even more kawabi (beautiful).

We are so used to use chemicals to look good, by going to stores and shop beauty products without really paying attention of what they are made of, since and when they smell good. Well, 4 years ago, I started thinking more carefully about that and paying a bit more of attention, how nice it would be to create myself my own soap, my own cream, my own haircare products and so on, be able to choose each tiny ingredient that I want to have in each of my products, knowing the effect of each one in my health, skin and hair.

Artisan Soap

This is how it all started, by making researches in how to make handmade soap, studying deeply the science of making soap, Yes, it is a science to make soap, like you can't make soap without using sodium hydroxide, the scientific way to call lye.

After many, manyyyyyyyyy (days, weeks, months, yeas even years) researches to finally come to conclusion if you want soap, you need lye to create the chimical process of sapofinication, in other words, joining this to oils, creates SOAP! That simple right? Hahahaha.

Just know after mixing lye and oils / butters, there is no lye in the final product, so do not worry, you are safe. All you have left is the awesome properties each oil and each butter, plus the additivees will bring to your skin. Really, how cool is this!

More To Explore

Well, let me stop here now because if you let me, I can go on and on and on hahahaha, there is so much to share with you all, Kawabis, and I am just getting started. I will share here the videos of each soap I will create just like I do in my instagram page but I thnk in here I don't need to cut 1h soap to 2mn to fit in the platform, how wonderful is this right!

Feel free to subscribe to never miss a post, leave a comment if you like so I know what you all have in mind and if you have enjoyed the post, it will also help me bring more content to the blog of things you would like to see more. Also, feel free to share the posts if you like.

Thank you so much for being here, for shopping and supporting my dream and small business.

Much Love Always!


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